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Dec - 13

Chancellor breaks Grade 7 national record, Only one pupil fails

CHANCELLOR Primary School in Mutare has broken the national record of excellence after 42 of its Grade Seven pupils scored four units during this yea

13 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 13

Form 4 boy describes female teacher's privates

A Gutu female teacher from Chiguhume Secondary School paid dearly for her moral lessons to students when, after one such a lesson, a pupil sent her a

5 Taliyana
May - 13

Seven most common questions asked in a job interview?

1. Why do you want this job?One of the most predictable questions and very important! You need to demonstrate that you have researched the employer a

0 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 11

Become a more effective leader by asking 1 tough question

I have indulged in this daydream for years. In fact, you too may have had this same recurring daydream. This daydream explains why the participant

0 khumbu77
Sep - 11

No Regrets Just Lessons

Travel the road you have chosen and don't look back with regret. You have to take chances to create your ideal life...sometimes you win sometimes yo

0 VisionsDoc
Sep - 11

Its Time To Shift: From Fear To Faith Part 2

To bring meaning to your life, you have to develop the capacity to Shift at any given moment or opportunity.  It is Difficulty to Reach your

2 VisionsDoc
Sep - 11

RELATIONSHIPS-When Is Enough Enough?

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IN A RELATIONSHIPThis Saturday 9/17/2011 on  Motivational Movement our discu

0 VisionsDoc
Sep - 11

ITS TIME TO SHIFT FROM FEAR TO FAITH..Risk More & Fear Less part 1

Every time you state what you want or believe, you are the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is Possi

0 VisionsDoc
Sep - 11


Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you and understand you do not have to be the best... Simply do your best... Why the

4 VisionsDoc
Aug - 11

Isichazamazwi sesintu

Kwandile kakhulu ukuthi abazali bethu batsho amagama esisuka siswele ukuthi athathwa ngaphi, njalo atshoni. Injongo yami ngokuqala lindaba ngeyokuthi

7 Taliyana
Aug - 11

Rethinking Education

The other day someone asked me what I thought were the three most important ministries. The standard answers expected were defence, home and finance.

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