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Sep - 13

Tsvangirai must resign

NOW DAILY EDITORIALThere are two important narratives about Morgan Tsvangirai, the Zimbabwean presidential contender who was defeated for the third ti

2 Malema
Aug - 13

Both Tsvangirai and Mugabe won the election with a landslide?

Zanu-PF won the recent peaceful Zim presidential polls by a landslide but the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai also claims to have overwhelmingly won the

7 myAfroTube
Aug - 13

Tsvangirai in Parliament dilemma

The MDC led by former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is definitely caught between a rock and a hard place as it slowly absorbs its catastrophic defe

1 Malema
Aug - 13

Tsvangirai qinisa umuzi wakho njenge ndoda

Walutheza olulenkume ngokuthatha umfazi oweZanu-PF, ukukhala akusizi bana yindoda, qinisa umuzi wakho ulinde u2018. Aluba waba yindoda emadodeni ng

11 iNdabaNdaba
Aug - 13

Did Prophet TB Joshua really tell Tsvangirai that he will never rule Zimbabwe?

What has just happened here in Zim reminds me of this article below stating that MDC-T leader will never rule Zimbabwe:WHILE nothing has been mentione

41 myAfroTube
Jun - 13

Soldiers beat up civilians - on whose order?

While Morgan Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube where busy flooring Zanu-PF with erudite legal submissions in Maputo yesterday - fighting for me and you -

3 myAfroTube
Sep - 12

Zanu-PF propaganda: Tsvangirai urged to resign

The state controlled media house claim that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has been aged to step down as a leader due to several sexual escapades.A

3 ZimLeaks
Sep - 12

Imizamo yokumisa umutshado kaTsvangirai

Harare - Sekuqubuke esinye isiphithiphithi ngomshado kaNdunankulu waseZimbabwe uMorgan Tsvangirai, njengoba owesifazane waseNingizimu Afrika ethi ng

1 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 12

Affidavit that could stop Tsvangirai's wedding!

 In the magistrates court held at Rotten Row Magistrates Court before Mr Munamato Mutevedzi ESQIn the matter between Nosipho Regina Shilubane, Mo

0 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 12

Why is ZANU trying to stop Tsvangirai from getting married?

What is it that these women want from Tsvangirai?

9 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 12

How is Tsvangirai related to Grace Mugabe?

Rumour has it that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is related to Grace Mugabe nee Marufu and I don't buy it, I want one of these rumour mongers to t

11 Taliyana
Sep - 12

Is it True that Tsvangirai has no capacity to negotiate?

Recently someone once very close and dare to our Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said something that some people have been discussing behind close

4 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 12

Biti believes Tsvangirai has no capacity to negotiate with Mugabe?

9 Sept 2012 - (Sunday Mail) - The fate of the Copac draft constitu­tion hangs in the balance after it emerged that MDC-T secretary-gen­eral Mr Tend

2 iNdabaNdaba
Dec - 11

Morgan Tsvangirai's perennial puberty violates public trust

by Itayi GarandePrime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's public denunciation of Lorcadia Tembo and the imputation that somehow she is a pawn used by state s

0 Taliyana
Dec - 11

Tsvangirai's escapades: Where are the women's groups?

The deafening silence from women's rights groups and their equally culpable HIV/Aids rights groups over the philandering case of Prime Minister Morgan

9 Malema
Dec - 11

Can anyone invest the future of their children in a man who so easily gives in to poor judgment

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai lost the little credibility he still had as a potential leader of a country the moment he sent his “emissaries”

2 Malema
Oct - 11

Reviewing Morgan Tsvangirai's New book: 'At the Deep End'

According to the Book's publish Penguin Books, Morgan Tsvangirai: At the Deep End is the story of a man who through everything he has endured has re

2 iNdabaNdaba
Sep - 11

Tsvangira goes to Oattara for military coup advise

Anyone privy to the meeting, please share with us whats happening.Is Tsvangirai trying to do an Ivory Coast?Is he after Ivory Coast advise on how to

0 Malema
Aug - 11

Attack on Tsvangirai unjustified

The organising secretary of the smaller MDC led by Professor Welshman Ncube,  Qhubani  Moyo, has written many articles, mostly in the privat

2 Mzwazwa
Aug - 11

Tsvangirai lied about Mukonoweshuro role

I am a founding member of the united MDC and was there when the party was formed.It is not true that Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro was also a founde

0 Taliyana
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