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Aug - 13

South Africa magistrates living in constant fear

Pretoria - Last week several magistrates spoke out about how they  live in constant fear and that it has become common occurrence for them to be

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Mar - 13

Man wakes up next to a giant snake after a drunken night

During a very drunken night out, Dwayne Matthews, decided in his infinite wisdom to buy an African rock python ā€“ called Bruce off a traveller, as

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Sep - 12

New Monkey discovered in Africa?

You will love this one; a group of westerners claim to have discovered a new monkey species in Africa, Congo - The funny thing is that the locals hav

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Mar - 12

Homosexuals have no place in African culture

There is a very disturbing trend on how some issues that concern African interests are being handled by the world's mother body ā€” the United Nations

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Nov - 11

Gaddafi: 'African hero in my eyes'

by Mass DihlokeWith the unfolding events of the past week, most you will know who my heading refers to, yes Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, indeed he is in m

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