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Dec - 14

Is Pregnancy Putting Your Sexual Life on Pause?

It is often believed that once you become pregnant there is no way that you can have sexual intercourse until that baby is born, which results in p

0 adoniadennis
May - 14

Positions To Make Female Orgasm Easier During Intercourse

Some women are fortunate enough to be able to climax easily, and in almost any sexual position. The majority of women though, sometimes find it diff

0 adoniadennis
Mar - 12

Homosexuals have no place in African culture

There is a very disturbing trend on how some issues that concern African interests are being handled by the world's mother body — the United Nations

19 Malema
Feb - 12

iNdabandaba on 'homosexuality' - Sunday Class 101

Only God can judge us, so lets stop acting God - Final draft Constitution outlaws 'homosexuality'. Maqhawe: If the God you speak about is the same a

11 iNdabaNdaba
Dec - 11

Why are Zimbabweans harsh on homosexuality but joke about bestiality?

Lately there has been a rise incidents of people committing the unnatural and immoral act of bestiality (sexually abusing animals). People joke and m

12 iNdabaNdaba
Nov - 11

Highlighting the history of sex

Today most people have ready access to information about sex and sexual choices. For many thousands of years, however, this was not the case and progr

0 Mzwazwa
Nov - 11

Tips To Successful Meeting With Women

Many people are opting for online dating these days. It 'fun and you get a chance to meet many more people. The reason why men seeking women datin

0 ashleyd1
Nov - 11

10 Good Sex Tips To Try Out!

Here are some ideas that you can try out to boost your sex life, even the most contented lovers can have fun trying new things. 'NOT for persons unde

3 SexTips
Nov - 11

Woman ends up in hospital after using a sex toy with boyfriend, now suing sex toy makers

Well on this one I am not going to give you any bedroom tips and tricks instead I would like to share with you this true story of a woman who sued t

5 SexTips
Nov - 11

How to perform Tantric sex

What is tantra? Tantra is an ancient esoteric practice where expanded orgasm is considered a direct path to spiritual enlightenment. Tantra pre-dates

12 SexTips
Nov - 11

Why do we have a G-spot?

Some medical evidence suggests that the G-spot has a purpose other than to make you feel really, really good! Sexpert Emily Dubberley, says, 'Some sci

0 SexTips
Nov - 11

Freakiest sex tips that can really save your relationship!

SexTips[at]byo24[dot]com brings you all the latest tips and advice on sex, love and relationships, giving you 12 Freakiest sex tips that can really sa

2 SexTips
Nov - 11

Women Want Sex Men Want Cuddles, (research)

A new survey shows men would be chuffed with a cuddle where as women prefer to have sex.It's now proven that women want sex just as much, and even mo

0 SexTips
Oct - 11

96 year old woman sexual assault charges dropped

POLICE in the United Kingdom have dropped charges against a Zimbabwean man accused of a brutal sex attack on a 96-year-old woman.Timothy Utedzi, 34, w

0 Malema
Sep - 11

Loving tie that binds couples

WHEN you first met, he was on fire and you couldn't keep your hands off each other. But somewhere along the line your man lost interest in sex..Or may

0 Malema
Sep - 11

Unsafe sex practices on the rise

They don't use condoms and their parents don't know what they are getting up to.Many South African children are having sex for the first time when the

0 Malema
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