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Jul - 13

Matabeleland South MDC-T youths lashes out at Mugabe

Matabeleland South MDC-T youths  reportedly lashed out at Zanu-PF's 89-year-old President, Robert Mugabe's comments that locals in the region are

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May - 13

I fell in love with Rusape!

Check out this beautiful place located in Rusape, Makoni District, Manicaland provence, Zimbabwe.The image was posted on Facebook by the founder of t

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Jan - 13

Why do Zim people cry tribalism?

Every time if one says something inline with "economic sabotage of Matabeleland" Zimbabweans cry tribalism, WHY?Kodwa iqiniso liqiniso! njalo libuh

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Apr - 12

What will happen to all the white farmers who lost their farms if MDC wins the elections

Even though the land has never been distributed equally, would you rather the land goes back to its rightful owner (Who?) or do it the Zanu way?

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Nov - 11

Highlanders legends executive committee

The newly formed Former Highlanders Players Association, is hitting the ground running, moving fast in setting up operations and quickly looking to s

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Sep - 11

Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Plan -  Chiefs is now running short of games

Imota intshontshimaliKaizer Chiefs Funeral plan runs dry of funds as their fans are dying of heart attacks.Sorry captain Tau aka Lioni Pirates isha

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