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Mar - 14

Yet another wave of digital destruction is coming

Malware fever keeps on raging, taking sophisticated forms to wreak havoc around the worldwide web. Even if your system is guarded thoroughly, you are

1 SecNews 2 months ago
Mar - 14

Can too much masturbation hurt women’s sex life? Why is excessive masturbation bad?

Both men and women often enjoy masturbation, and it is a natural sexual action for many people. However, when a woman masturbates too often, she may

5 adoniadennis 2 months ago
Jan - 14

Galileo is a tool that can spy all kinds of mobile devices

Hackers from Italy said that they could hack any smartphone.There is a tool in the software market, that can spy the owners of devices running iOS,

5 ITnews 3 months ago
Jan - 14

Wearable Tech Captures Attention At CES 2014

For years, wearable tech has looked poised to explode into the mass market in a big way, and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show looks to have

0 ITnews 3 months ago
Jan - 14

Snake girl attracts crowd & tourists to Thailand

I think this is another hoax going around the internet today. Online reports claim that 8 year-old Mai Li Fay, from Bangkok, is far from living the us

11 Malema 3 months ago
Jan - 14

Internet Monitoring and Brand Protection

A review of the past 10 years in cyber security opened our eyes here at Massive. Reflecting on over 50 international security conventions, hundreds of

0 SecNews 3 months ago
Jan - 14

The Final Round By Raja Zeeshan

Recently two miserable incidents occurred in Pakistan when in Hangu, 15 years old Aitzaz Ahsan settled a great example of bravery when he managed to s

1 RajaZeeshan 3 months ago
Dec - 13

Enemy within Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country measuring approximately 390,757 sq. km with an estimated population of nearly 13.5 million people. The country is made up of

10 NativeAfrica 4 months ago
Dec - 13

Chancellor breaks Grade 7 national record, Only one pupil fails

CHANCELLOR Primary School in Mutare has broken the national record of excellence after 42 of its Grade Seven pupils scored four units during this yea

6 iNdabaNdaba 4 months ago
Dec - 13

Political rights in Zimbabwe according to the New Constitution

CHAPTER 4DECLARATION OF RIGHTSPART 1APPLICATION AND INTERPRETATION OF CHAPTER 4***67 Political rights***(1) Every Zimbabwean citizen has the right—

0 iNdabaNdaba 4 months ago
Dec - 13

Zimbabweans a forgotten generation

I can still remember on 18th April 1980 when the United Kingdom then under iron lady Margaret Thatcher handed over power to Prime Minister Robert

4 NativeAfrica 4 months ago
Dec - 13

The first REAL Learning Home Automation System

Webee Universe - The REAL Learning Home Automation SystemWebee Universe, developed the first REAL Home Automation System that allows you to control a

1 ITnews 4 months ago
Dec - 13

Mobile Technology Changing the Way the World Works

Smartphones and Tablets  No Longer a LuxuryIt was not too long ago that owning a smartphone or tablet was an indulgence that was out of reach for

0 Sergey 4 months ago
Dec - 13

Why did Robert Mugabe receive a bigger cheer than Jacob Zuma at Mandela's memorial?

Why did Robert Mugabe receive a bigger cheer than Jacob Zuma at Mandela's memorial?

20 Malema 4 months ago
Dec - 13

Top 3 of The Best Tablet PC 2013

Top 3 of The Best Tablet PC 2013The year of 2013 pleased a massive legion of gadgetry geeks with a bunch of smart novelties; large business sharks wo

0 ITnews 5 months ago
Nov - 13

Python swallows drunk man in Nigeria

This is the biggest hoax going around the internet today.It's a story claiming a huge python ate a drunk bloke on the streets of Nigeria, after he f

12 Mzwazwa 5 months ago
Nov - 13

New Breakthroughs Smartphone Technologies of 2013

Frankly speaking, some attempts to revolutionize the world of smartphones deserve close attention; so let’s plunge into the novel future and have

0 Sergey 5 months ago
Nov - 13

Computer Threat 3rd Quarter 2013 McAfee Report

McAfee Labs today published its quarterly report on the latest threat tendencies – review the details to get a generous portion of statistics and nu

0 SecNews 5 months ago
Nov - 13

David Cameroon must visit Matebeleland

By Khumbulani MoyoThe Commonwealth meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka has come and gone. A number of us remain critical of the fact that it was held in Col

3 uMthwakaziReview 5 months ago
Nov - 13

Upcoming Mobile Phones To Lookout For In 2014

Ranging from the waterproof Sony phones to the ultra-light sleek iPhone, there has been innovation which kept everyone dwelled into what’s coming u

0 Sergey 5 months ago
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